Broadband Controversy

Broadband Controversy

When he formed his “Broadband,” he wanted them all girly:
ruffles and boutique lace, and he wanted their hair curly.
But I fear that what he named them is a bit passé,
for no one ever calls a girl a “broad” today.

Still, he liked the name and said he would not cave
and make use of modern lingo, so the name he gave
remained in use as east and west they traveled on their tours.
Those shiny broads continued their bills and coos and purrs,

bravely enduring catcalls and pickets from their sisters
who proclaimed real women did not cave in to misters
who use insulting language like battle-ax, broad and bitch,
bimbo, bird and arm-candy, sheila, chick and witch.

An “all-girl” band’s acceptable, at least was in the past,
but women’s lib participants hope this band will not last.
Their music’s great and expressed according to their nature.
Too bad a guy decided on their clothes and nomenclature.


Prompts for today are shine, broadband, boutique, east and brave. Image by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash.

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