War Lords

War Lords

Need I be explicit in describing wars of yore?
Any valiant action may be the stuff of lore.

Warriors turned to veterans relate their tales of glory,
the motives of those men who start them are more base and gory.

The noble causes they purport to be their reasons for them,
carved in stone and writ in books that seem to all adore them,

are often myth, for wars are fought for power and for gold
that seldom is passed down to warriors who are brave and bold.

Possessions, land and castles are the bijoux of the rich
who start the wars that poor men fight for in the ditch.

No electricity today so this poem written by flashlight and recorded via hotspot on my phone and posted.

Prompt words today are carved, explicit, bijoux (jewelry or trinket), purport, veteran and warrior. Image by jdb. See more about this image HERE.

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