First Crush


Prompts today are understand, whim, approval, hinder, systematic and absolutley.

Lately I am finding that every other poem or so shows up in the reader in paragraph form rather than in centered stanzas. Has anyone else found this to be true? To try to remedy it, today I took a screen shot of the poem and published it as a media file rather than the regular way. I’d be interested in hearing your comments about how this affects your viewing and also hearing from those having the same problem.  Thanks, Judy

3 thoughts on “First Crush

  1. Sam

    Showing his affection for you runs from can to cant’s
    he even tried wrong way, to get into your pants.
    poor fellow doesn’t even know what it means
    for looking closely at that photo it seems.
    your pants that he is wearing
    are busting at the seams~!



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