Reader’s Choice

Reader’s Choice.  Do you have a question you’d like to ask me or is there a topic you’d like to suggest? If so, please let me know and I’ll pick one suggestion a week to write about. Sorta setting up my own little personal prompt site, but others are welcome to write a post from the prompts as well and to link  them as comments on my  week’s post whenever they wish. Let’s see if this works. What do you want to hear me blather on about or to write a poem or song about? Reader’s Choice!!!! Please note that I won’t be making up prompts myself. I will, however, be publishing all the comments and all of the suggestions and if anyone else wants to write on one of the topics and post a link to comments, that will be most welcome. See? I repeated that invitation twice!



9 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Though you have told about places you were, you have never talked much about your personal teaching experience, in the States or otherwise, was your foreign teaching experience in “American Embassy Schools”, or native schools. I have met many young American teachers who had their first assignments in foreign lands in American Schools and their experience was very interesting. Both as novice teachers and also being exposed to children of several backgrounds all at the same time. Now put that to rhyme or prose for us~!



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