Morning Cuppas

Cups of Java or Cups of Tea? Me, I just need my:

Morning Couplets

Every single day for years, my morning’s not replete
until my poem is published—polished and complete.

I meander through my sentences until I think they’re done,
and then I herd them into shape—each metaphor and pun.

My need is pathological to get them all just right.
I love words’ sensuality, their pathos and their bite.

Though some have a reluctance to show up when I call them,
there’s a satisfaction when I finally recall them.

What would I do with mornings if I had no words to play with?
There’d be nothing else for me to find to fill my day with!

Prompts for today are meander, sentence, pathological, replete, reluctance.

8 thoughts on “Morning Cuppas

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It’s true, Janet. It has become a compulsion. I can’t stop!!! Do you do NYT Wordles or Quordles? In Quordles you solve 4 words at a time with 9 total chances. I like it better than Wordle but do both the blog Wordle promps and the NYT Wordle. Stuck on words.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. slmret

        I just do the NYT Wordles. I tried Wordles Unlimited for a while, until they were banned. Hadn’t heard about Quordles or blog Wordlel prompts. Did you notice my inclusion of the prompt words in my earlier comment?


  1. Sam

    I really like that one. But lately I must go outside and take Tami our for our walk, then get my “chores” done before the temperature hits 100, then I can come back in and with my second, or third cup of black coffee, relax and “think”. My chores for the past few days has been trapping huge coons and then taking them to the river where they will no longer be able to come back into the house through the three doggy doors. So far the score is three but there is another little one, and I note the the last one is a Mama, wonder how many little ones she has. A little coon is really a cute animal~! But a grown coon can tear up a house.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m sure you know I had a baby coon as a pet when I was a child and had coons entering through our pet door when we lived in Boulder Creek!!! Parallel lives.



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