Art Camp, Last Day Aug 9, 2022

Jewelry day. Bracelets and earrings. I was so busy curling the ends of the wire
to hold the beads on the earrings that I didn’t have a chance to photograph many
of them. I did better with the bracelets. Thanks, Becky, for all your help!!!!

9 thoughts on “Art Camp, Last Day Aug 9, 2022


    Beautiful art, imagination and must mention the nice young girls too~! I take it that you were the instructor…

    I spent my day driving coons that I had trapped on my sun porch to a new happy home along the Pedernales River and when I got home had to stop Tami who was chasing a huge armadillo all around my garden, you wouldn’t believe how fast those shell back suckers can run.. and they have been digging up the plants I have to water, but the moist ground brings up the worms and the worms bring in the armadillos… No excuse for a large male and a large female coon and so far two smaller but grown ones, which I have to displace. Do not know what I will get tonight, they are suckers for “have a heart traps”.
    Though it is a sun porch it is where I keep the cat litter boxes, their food, dog food, fish food, etc in closed containers that are easy for little monkey paw coons easily open better than I can. Once they find a way in, they must be displaced. I know they were here first but I only use a little space and they can have the run of all the rest along with that big armadillo, a few red fox, bob cats and lots of deer, etc.

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Yes several and I have the same admiration for them until they become a problem inside my house. I wrote and am posting more on the story about them today, when I get around to it. Cute little devils and I feel so bad and guilty trapping them, it is sad when I displace them from the spot that is really theirs.

        The Same feeling that I felt for “Native Americans”. But you may notice I never use some of those (“politically correct”) catch phrases like “African American”, that is dumb, I have seen dark native people in many places other than Africa and then should we be called “European American” or some other~?

        What should we call them~? Maybe just Americans, with a sub “correct description”, like I don’t mind being called “Creole” which is so very broad and I don’t even mind being called a “coonass”, if you do it with a smile instead of in a bigoted way. I bet you have your own opinion on all of this crap~!



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