Strappy Stilettos

Strappy Stilettos

I languish in these pointy shoes with their flimsy straps.
My ankles teeter with their height, I poke out through their gaps.
I don’t appreciate the fact that they’re the current style.
You try walking in such shoes mile after mile!

The material that forms them is so sparing and so meager
that I’ll be darned if I can figure out why gals are eager
to teeter down the street in them or wear them out to dance.
Trying to walk on shoes like this is taking quite a chance!

The truth lies in the fact that shoes like this must be the fashion
of men for whom the look of things is their only passion.
Safety and walkability cannot be their goal,
for feet were not created to balance on a pole

held in by straps that mean the heels can slide from side to side,
prompting a proclivity to stumble and to slide.
Mr. Choo and Ferragamo, if they ever tried to wear them
might have found their shoes inclined to torture and to scare them.

There should be a special Hell made for designers who maintain
that for the sake of passion one must succumb to the pain
of shoes that are a torture. They should have to walk a mile in them
and while they are in agony, be forced to feign a smile in them!!!!


Prompt words today are: pointy shoes, languish, lie, meager, appreciate and flimsy. Image by Femme Spirit @Unsplash.

12 thoughts on “Strappy Stilettos

  1. Lou Carreras

    Women are not the only ones who fall for uncomfortable footwear. I remember a pair of lovely Italian shoes I had that were so thin that any contact with a solid surface raised a bruise, but they were expensive, stylish…and a gift from a lady who wore strappy stiletto heels shoes.

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  2. Sam

    Me too~! I went barefooted most summers, until I was about ten and not bragging, I have much better shaped feet that most women I know have. They have knots, hammer toe, scabs, and misshaped heels etc due to wearing those torture things, and for what reason~? Well maybe they lift the shape of their butt a little and they think it makes their legs more shapely. Again I ask why~? Only another woman will notice, most men have a HIGHER outlook on life~~! I rest my case, but even after all those barefooted days, I dp insist that you don’t wear open sandals either, on my place, it is crawling with scorpions and fire ants~! Doctoring the bites of a screaming woman is just not my forte.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Darn lost my message to you. I wear sandals almost every day. Have only one pair of closed-toe shoes that I actually have on today. Square-toed so they don’t pinch. Tried to send you a picture but lost my message as a resul.



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