Fashion at the ASA Art Market

This is one of the best Lakeside Art Markets I’ve been to in 21 years. The setting is charming, the art was so irresistible that I bought a painting and two pieces of jewelry even though I have not one inch of space on my walls to hang another painting and have so much jewelry that I’ve been giving it away to visiting friends and relatives.ย  I’ll show my new painting later once I receive it as the paint was still drying when I bought it..ha. But, the other thing I noticed was the number of ladies in absolutely smashing clothes. At times it looked like models in a fashion show wandering through the crowd. Here are just a few of my favorites.

They, themselves, were walking works of art:


Please click on photos to enlarge.

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21 thoughts on “Fashion at the ASA Art Market

  1. Sam

    Oh Wow, I am not a fashion nut, but I did like to see my wife in nice clothes. Because she was the executive assistant of the CEO of a major Oil Company, she had to dress up in expensive suits all week, and I did too for my work, but at home we shucked them off and we both got into comfortable in lighter clothes. I bought her a comfortable summer dress like that embroidered blue one in the last photo.. In our early years I admit that I also did fall for some of those “things” from the likes of “Fredrick’s of Hollywood. She gracefully did accept them, but then I realized that she just put them in a special drawer and never wore them.. Now that I have “grown up”, I realize that what is in the eye of the “beholder” is not necessarily in the eye of the wearer.

    She often laughingly admonished me for watching a lady walking across the room, when I denied this, she would then ask: “then why are your eyes bouncing up and down~?”

    I loved her to death, she got as much fun out of me as I did her and her gentle offhanded remarks always made me laugh instead of the anger that we saw in others. Even when she was in her final days, on one of the early trips for Chemo, she suddenly said: “Oh look at those nice big jugs”, I slowed and looked all around, then turned and asked: “where~?”, she said, laughing, “over there at that plant nursery you horny dumb ass~!” They were huge tree planters. It was fun living with and loving such a dry witted, kind, funny person~!

    One other memory is when we lived in Algeria. There was one lady “expat” who seemed to make her visits to Shirley in the afternoon just when I was due to came home and wanted to get comfortable. Finally one day I simply went in the bedroom, took off all my clothes and put on my usual deraa gandoura, a very light gown which is split down the sides and from the neck down about a foot and usually with nothing underneath. This is really what I liked to wear because we had no air condition there, an it was very comfortable to lounge in~! I think this must have bothered the lady because she changed her visiting hours~!

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  2. Marion Couvillion

    Just happened on this~! See, I did get her a dress almost like that blue one~! And that was a long time ago. Joel, our grandson in the photo, is now 16 years old~! PS: I wonder why she has that big purse, we were sitting down by the side of our creek~!… I also see a bag, maybe we were getting ready to go somewhere else…if we were we were not dressed for it, what fun looking at old pictures, as you can see, she and maybe that kid kept me laughing~! I also often wonder who took the picture. [image: image.png] SAM

    On Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 11:32 PM lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

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      1. Sam

        I was afraid it would not post.. You will find it at the top of the page here”
        also did you ever see the post of “Things that weigh a lot~?….
        and one last thing is that I did make a comment on your tribute to Gloria, but you will find it at the bottom of the El OJO post on that as well..
        Sorry but half the time I just have problems posting~!


      2. Sam

        Judy it seems that for some reason it is mostly your site that I have trouble posting things to. This is my third try~! A picture of my native dress is here:

        You should also find the post on things that weigh a lot here:

        And in case you missed it, I did make a comment on your tribute to Gloria, but it is posted at the bottom of the EL OJO site where the rest of the conversation is:

        For some reason I post things to you and when I go looking for them, they are gone…


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