In A Society of Women

In A Society of Women

No patriarchal dominance rears its violent head.
Birth fluids and menses are the only lifeblood shed.
No lifted guns or measured gait. No uniform or boot

disturbs the regal silence of the calmness at our root.

Spontaneity rules the day. We follow no set path.
Not guided by testosterone, we do not extoll wrath.
The crack of no whip guides us. We can’t be led like sheep.
You cannot boss or bully us. We live by what we reap.

Your rules buzz around us like mosquitos in the brain,
centered around principals that we hold in disdain.

Dominance and power and unlimited riches
would not be an option in a world that’s run by bitches!

Prompt words today are crack, mosquito, spontaneity, patriarchal, root and moonlight.

14 thoughts on “In A Society of Women


    I felt too beat up to be able to hit LIKE, now excuse me while I have a good cry…. I loved the photos, every one of them and you already know that I am of the age that in the past built pedestals to put my LADIES on. BUT I have a few words that are a real turn off to me, and the last word of your poem was one of them and should not even be used to described Zoe~! 😉 I write this with a little bit of admiration and a grin on my face.

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Deal~! I am sending one of those BIG Hollywood hugs~!

        The first letter of the next “worse one” starts with the letter “F”~! That too hurts my ears; I always felt that a much less crude and better, more loving, correct ways to say it, especially sense it has become a synonymous of crude or bad language.

        My third next important one actually deals with many things but is mumbled in many churches. It is a word that most do not even notice because it is not a “dirty word”, or even crude, but I seem to take it as a method, if used, especially in churches as a method of separating their belief and thereby selves from all others and often it is put together by a church board of like thinking people, a clique or coterie who do not even consider those they insist must pledge to it. I once saw it used, put together by eight people, and the end use of it was to drive people away from that church…Your Methodist church is very near a split by that, as it has done in the past. The height of bigotry. I can’t explain why it bothers me so, but it does. I guess it is related to the way I was raised. That often used, but often misunderstood word is: “Covenant”.



          1. SAM VOELKER

            Sorry Judy WordPress is now doing strange thing to me as they did last year about this time of the year. I have blocked them from paying their selves because they got to me for $300 last year. But I did input that connect and it worked for me.. It is really not important at all, just a Rant that means nothing to me or you. I like my poem about it much more than I like the word, or act of it. But if you want to see it the raw URL is here:


  2. Amy C

    I would love to see a world as you describe, without all of the violence and power plays against women. The older I get the more I crave hearing the voices of women, many of whom have been and are still being silenced and pushed down. Your words have blown me away and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks. Amy



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