Purple Passions


Purple Passions

These purple flowers, blooming in profusion,
create a sharp tang, and at first some confusion
until I remember that purple on lips
painted by numerous slurpings and sips
of grape-flavored Popcicles, iced Koolaid,
andgrape jelly sandwiches that my mom made.

Then they rekindle other metaphors
for long-ago youth: those much-slammed screen doors,
watermelon pickles and lemon ices,
as substitutions, nothing suffices.
Withdrawal from these childhood passions
created lusts for other things— fashions,

Jewelry, shoes and purses and joys
even more luscious, resulting in boys,
contradicting beliefs that naught else would suffice
for grape jelly sandwiches and lemon ice!!!
Thus may a color rekindle fond thoughts
and return us to passions we had as mere tots.

Prompt words today are purple, rekindle, metaphor, contradict, withdrawal, lemon ices.

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