Exemplarily patient when dealing with cats
and rabbits and dogs and hamsters and rats,
trivial matters dealing with mankind
more often than not unsettled her mind.

People toyed with emotions and also, I fear,
were petty and often grossly insincere.
They closed off emotions or tried to be clever—
duplicitous acts that a cat or dog never

would dream to display, for they were what they were,
be it kitten or tiger or show dog or cur.
When out in public or behind  a closed door,
pets are what they are and they are nothing more.

Be they lazy or edgy or tame or unruly,
it will be their true selves on view to yours truly.
People can be puzzling, but not so a pet,
What you see with an animal is what you get!




Prompt word today are toy, closed,  trivial, exemplarily. Image of parakeet by Den Trushtin. All others by me.

5 thoughts on “Druthers

  1. Sam

    Oh Wow such an instinct,,
    it is exactly right and true,,
    it really makes me think,,
    that warning coming from you,,

    I will print it with ink and paper,,
    then hang it on the wall too,,
    next time I must endure a caper,,
    I’ll read that poem about my zoo.,,

    it will help in accepting their pranks,,
    so many, each one and them all,,
    for your poem we all give thanks,,
    about life’s creatures big and small~!

    Liked by 1 person


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