Ode to the Las Vegas Buffet

Ode to the Las Vegas Buffet

After some poker and roulette and craps,
we return to our rooms for some well-deserved naps.
The gambler in me has been curbed at a cost.
One poker chip memento, and the rest has been lost.

As I sink into bed, worries float away,
heavenward-bound as I doze in the hay.
Tomorrow’s buffet—that iconic repast
will insure our regrets over losses won’t last.

We’ll pile our plates, then come back for more
until we pop out of the clothes that we wore.
We’ll recoup our losses, for the assets we left
we’ll take home again in our bodily heft!


Prompt words today are float, gambler, memento, repast, heavenward and iconic. Images by Aidan Howe and Kenny Eliason

8 thoughts on “Ode to the Las Vegas Buffet

  1. Sam

    I guess this is one I thing don’t really need to ask if it is true. You finally hit on something that Shirley and I did not have in common.. Her mother went to a “penny-anti” game of cards once a week at the American Legion hall, with a jar of pennies and a little bib cap. Also in Pittsburgh every football game was bet on. So she grew up with this and several times insisted on our going to a casino, I only took advantage of the free drinks and snacks. I never did bet on anything, except we played a game of cards in your part of the country for who would pay for coffee. It was called “Johnson’s Bar” up there, but was similar to “crazy eights” etc.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      We used to do shows in Vegas and Reno and their casino campgrounds were good places to park our motorhome. Bob liked the buffets. I would drop a few nickles in the nickle machines. Years before I’d gone to Reno with a bunch of schoolteacher friends–a rowdy bunch. I was very lucky at the craps table and paid for my flight and hotel with my winnings. After that i never risked more than 25 dollars a trip and sometimes came out even or ahead, at other times lost but the free drinks made up for the loss.

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