Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls

Those mean girl rumors may seem unrelenting,
but trust me their spreaders will soon be repenting.
Only fools spread secrets they know are untrue,
spreading rumors whose sharing for sure they will rue.
Their bony butts should be soundly spanked.
Their cheeks should be pinched and their hair should be yanked

for crossing the line between rumor and truth,
for the lies that they’ve spread are completely uncouth.
Give them no haven and give them no ear.
Mouths work no mischief when there’s no one to hear.
Do not contribute to mere hearsay that’s
better off kept in their heads under hats.

They may seem exotic, but don’t seek them out,
or chances are that the next gossip they flout
might be about you, for although you’re tempted
to listen to them, no one is exempted
from being the next victim of a forked tongue,
so your story might be the next sad song sung.

For the Sunday Whirl, Wordle 566 the prompt words are: fool unrelenting cross bony secrets haven chance exotic  seek mean rumors

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