He surely struck the bullseye when he razed his squalid hovel
and starting out with little else than hammer, saw and shovel,
he raised a lovely edifice seven stories high,
an apartment building most pleasing to the eye.

Making not a single blunder, all the work that he put in
transformed a former eyesore into a brilliant win.
Luminous and shining, this glorious property
became a local landmark that people came to see.

Those who sought to live there were multiform and varied,
for folks of every background loved the energy it carried.
It was a living monument to industry and wit,
qualities reflected in the folks who lived in it.


The prompts today are luminous, bullseye, win, blunder, multiform, apartment building and hovel.

The hand-forged hammer in the illustration was my father’s. Its handle is covered in leather rings. It is one of my most treasured objects.

11 thoughts on “Luminous

  1. Aspen

    I really like the structure of this poem; the way the sentences are broken up really accentuates the last words of the phrases.

    And what a great memento that connects you with your Father!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Sad to say the poem is about a fictional character although the hammer is real! I do know people who live in buildings like this where everyone forms a community, though. My cousin Kirk is one!!



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