Anthuriums: FOTD, Sept 13, 2022



For Cee’s FOTD

9 thoughts on “Anthuriums: FOTD, Sept 13, 2022

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Cee, did I dream it or did you somewhere suggest I do a post where I post a flower for every letter in the alphabet? I read it mid-afternoon and believe it or not, it is now just short of midnight and I have completed the task of finding a flower that I’ve photographed for every letter in the alphabet! The hardest by far was “U.” Now what do you think? Should I post one a day or all 84 that I’ve found. I’ve found multiples in some letter categories and can weed them out, but will probably post more that one for some letters. How can I post just one “H,” for instance, with the number of hibiscus photos I’ve taken. What do you think I should do??? And should I challenge you to do the same?

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    All flowers of a certain type look alike, but NONE look more alike than Anthuriums. I also think they may be the most continuously blooming flower anywhere. Mine have been blooming for years. AND they look just like yours 😀



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