My dog just ate my wood carving and that is why I need to vent.
Although I have looked everywhere, I can’t find its equivalent.
Sometimes she’s angelic, but at other times a pest.
I’ll leave it up to you which version I like best.

When she’s hushed and loving I fear that I’m forgetful
of all the other times when she’s mischievous and fitful.
I get up and go over to give her a fond pet,
but when I do I step upon a spot that’s slick and wet

and realize that once again she’s had a little pee
in a spot here in the living room she knows that I can’t see
when seated at my writing desk. My back to where she’s been,
I cannot be a witness to her most recent sin.

I know her name is Zoe, but too often I forget
the name that has been given to my most recent pet.
So I call her “Traviesa,” which pops into memory
for  “naughty girl” is what she is most frequently.


Prompts today are wet, fitful, angelic, equivalent, quotation, wood carving and hush.


15 thoughts on “Traviesa

  1. msjadeli

    She’s a darling, even though traviesa sometimes. They have doggie diapers but she probably wouldn’t stand for one. Hoping she grows out of chewing on non-toy things and piddling in the house ❤


  2. drkottaway

    My kittens are now a year old. They stole one of a pair of airpods from one of my guests. He left them out over night. I found it three days after the guests left and mailed it. They like earrings, toy mice, sink hair catchers and shredding gift wrap. Also chewing the corner of my journal. “Please, let us out, and we can play with birds.” Nope, too busy a street. Pups are more challenging though, aren’t they?


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Yes but at least cats don’t eat the paper. Did you see my post the day Zoe ate a 200 pesos bill? Also I just found a very long turd in the back yard… it was a rope the dogs used as a tug-of-rope. One of them had evidently swallowed the entire thing as it was entirely covered in poop and lying strung out its full length in the yard. Sounds impossible, but Zoe did the same thing with the stitches she pulled out of her tummy when she was spayed. In that case it was sort of like a loosely strung set of beads with the surgical thread strung out between them…

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