Family Secrets

Family Secrets

The mayor’s precious daughter has that certain glow,
but why the groom is deadpan, no one will ever know.
That he prefers the maid of honor is the murky truth,
but to show his real emotions he knows would be uncouth.

Hand-picked by her father to assure his re-election,
this young man of fine lineage was an obvious selection.
He should have put his foot down, but their fathers were best friends
and his marriage to another would not meet those families’ ends.

So when future generations question Grandpa’s look
as they rifle through the pages of the family photo book,
they’ll guess the bachelor party had gone on for too long,
affecting the groom’s fitness and his wedding get-along.

Only two will ever know the real truth of the tale.
First, the maid of honor who smoothed her best friend’s veil,
and secondly the groom, who when he kissed the bride
imagined he was kissing the one who stood beside.


Prompt words today are glow, deadpan, election, murky, mayor, prefer and precious. Image from Pinterest.

11 thoughts on “Family Secrets

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks for that. Rhyme is not very popular in the poetry world right now but it is like a game to me and fun to do…so I do it for myself and am happy when someone like you admits to enjoying it, too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t believe that until 7 o’clock tonight, no one pointed out to me that I’d said “bride of honor” rather than “maid of honor.” Did you notice that? Good ole’ Forgottenman finally clued me in on my boo boo.



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