Cautionary Tale

Cautionary Tale

Before a flower you chance to pick,
pick a flower without  bees.
Bees sting painfully and so quick.
So, quick, you need to get the wound
wound tightly to dispel the pain.
Pain  you’d never have felt if only,
only you had looked before.

For the Murisopsis My Name Scavenger Hunt prompt–A Daisy Chain Poem

8 thoughts on “Cautionary Tale

  1. murisopsis

    Before you sniff a flower sweet
    Sweet and fragrant to the bee
    Be(e) warned to shake the blossom
    Blossom home of bees that sting
    Sting the nose as you breathe
    Breathe a bee and you will rue
    Rue forgetting to shake before…

    You inspired a poetic response!! I love this cautionary tale of noses and bees! Bravo!!

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  2. Glenda

    Ouch! As to bee stings, mosquito bites and other itchy, allergic reactions that may happen on our skin, here is a QUICK EASY SAFE FIX. It is simply MEAT TENDERIZER, moistened with water (saliva in a pinch, perhaps?) and scrubbed into the sting site briskly. The first time I used it myself was for a scorpion sting (in my dish drainer, for heavens sake.) I rushed to the clinic anyway, just in case. He didn’t believe me until I showed him the uninflamed sting site and the smashed scorpion.
    So the poisonous enzymes break down quickly. It saved one highly allergic friend from a hospital stay on our way to the airport. A bee flew in the window and down his collar. He slammed on the brakes, terrified of not being able to breathe–yet again. But his only reaction after applying the meat tenderizer (now always in the car and my bag) was a flat 3 inch wide pink mesa with a teeny dot–and relief. It even worked on old infected mosquito bites on a camping stranger in seconds.
    I believe I read about it in Readers Digest decades ago. Maybe keep some close in marked old pill bottles in car, pocket or purse. You never know.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Wow. I answered you but it didn’t seem to stick. I have a jar of meat tenderizer in my medicine drawer as well. This reminds me I have to go organize it so I can easily find it.



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