The Letter “L” Floral Alphabet Challenge, Sept 25, 2022

Click on flowers to increase size and read captions.

Please post your “L” flowers and link both here in comments and to Cee’s FOTD

18 thoughts on “The Letter “L” Floral Alphabet Challenge, Sept 25, 2022

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      1. lifelessons Post author

        Ironic, as they are poisonous to dogs. I had to remove the ones inside my compound because of this, as my dogs started eating them. I still have them along the outer walls.


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  5. Sam

    ? LANTANA ?

    Sometimes your photos almost throw me into a sudden “BPPV” condition. I see one thing but think that I am looking at another. Your Lantana photo did this to me in such a way that I said NO, this can’t be Lantana. But then, so often with flowers that are made up from multiple fleurets, we tend to sometimes see the whole, rather than the unique. So I went outside and looked closely at some of my different lantana plants.

    And discovered YES the florets ARE trumpet shaped~! We just do not take the time to realize this in so many flowers where the multiple fleurets makeup the whole.

    I am a person who often feels that I need to get on my hands and knees and with my Macro lens to take photos of those tiny blossoms that we sometimes ignore when they may give off more aroma than visual awareness.. Thanks for reminding me of this~!

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