Morning-After Headaches

I thought she asked if we wanted “regular” or “little” margaritas. It turns out she was saying “liter.” Guess which we ordered?

Morning-After Headaches

The candor of the bottle brings trouble in the morning
when its repercussions start to bloom with little warning.

One’s midnight refusal to utter statements truthless
might, once daylight dawns, be considered to be ruthless.

A drunk’s stubborn insistence to reflect only reality
has been known to end relationships with a certain finality.

Hidden covetous feelings might hereby be revealed
when questioning the ethics of a friend’s investment yield.

One more lifted shot glass can cause snafus in decisions
over topics covered in the next round of derisions.

So some strategic planning should be used on one’s nights out,
regarding confidential matters that one is apt to spout.

When drinking, topics talked about must thus be planned strategically,
for pains caused by loose lips are not ones solved analgesically.



Prompt words today are bottle ,snafu, covetous, strategic, reality, stubborn, candor.

10 thoughts on “Morning-After Headaches

  1. TamrahJo

    Um – yup! I spent a few days last spring drinking mulled wine full of herbs/spices AND taking tylenol – to ‘work when unwell’ – sigh – my txts and emails leave no fact of truth hidden from any regarding the state of “me’ at the time’ – many threads conveyed,

    “Very sick, took tylenol for higher than safe fever (I took OTC help when it went over 103 and I ached so bad my eyelashes hurt – which may/may not have fried my brain already) AFTER not taking it for ever so many years – add to that, mulled wine with a bevy of herbs and spices for self-care – and seriously, feeling pain free and comfortable enough to do request and/or reply to your inquiry just now – AND, I do believe I’m the most creative person in the universe, right now – to, but that cannot be trusted – double check it!.” — – ended with,

    “I’m not at my best, but you seemed on tight time frame for wanting an answer/production, thus, well – this is me at my worst that might have grains of best shining through, but I wouldn’t count on it – lemme know if it works for ya….”

    I really waited for massive fall out – anger/firing/disappointment/judgement….

    All I got was lots of laughs and ‘thanks, looks good – you’re funny’ and for a brief, high moment, I seriously re- thought my career choices –

    I’m supposed to be a comedian! durnit! Not this serious work stuff!!! Look at how easy that was to do when I wonder if I might not just die from this and be grateful for the release?!!!

    Fortunately, I got over the high ‘idiot thoughts’ from combining things to survive a moment in time – – LOL

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