Back of the Fridge

Back of the Fridge

Free from the air current’s rush and flow,
the fridge back’s where the spiders go
to spin their webs and catch their prey.
We should give thanks for them, ‘cuz they
 trap flies that land upon our snacks,
dive-bomb our faces, roam our backs
and cause us all so much dismay,
so let your resident spiders stay.
Better in their hidden place
than buzzing flies right in your face.

Trolling for flies in the kitchen.

For SOCS prompt: Back of the Fridge

16 thoughts on “Back of the Fridge

  1. Glen

    Perfect title. Good model, too. I do get that spiders are our friends–when seen from a distance that I want to choose. So I’m back in mi casa and the spiders, no doubt, are back in their casas in back of my fridge. xog



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