Religion and Politics

Religion and Politics

The ductile masses are easily led
either in affection or body or head,
to memorize lies emphatically told
and transformed from listless to dangerously bold.

Facts sprinkled with hatred may cause them to totter,
and thus are men led to riot and slaughter.
The rules of religion devoid of its heart
are often what rip the world’s humans apart.

Rigidity slams the door to detente,
replacing our “should” with what tyrants “want.”
What they call truth is merely illusion,
leading the masses to senseless delusion.

Look to the truth of the holy writ
and try to see who profits from it.
Is it the person making the rules
profiting by their control of fools? 

Prompt words are memorize, listless, sprinkle,ductile, slam and emphatically.

11 thoughts on “Religion and Politics

  1. sam

    Oh you made my day, I will spend the rest of my day with a smile on my face knowing that someone else can express their selves so well about this terrible situation, much better than I wish I could. My problem is being afraid that they will think I am finding fault with the masses when I am only talking about a few loud mouth, evil lame heads who are using the name of God and Lies to promote their own selfish selves.

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    1. Leland Olson Hoel

      We have millions of people who in their own minds think they’re holier than Thow, yet they preach hate and bigotry, they have lowered themselves to become slithering serpents feeding off the bottom of Human Nature’s lowest qualities.

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