Weekend Sky #75

Please click on photos to enlarge and see details of these amazing skies.

I am so grateful for this prompt as I have been absolutely fixated on the sky (especially the clouds) for the past few weeks. So glad to have a place to share what I have seen. 

For Weekend Sky: https://hammadrais.blog/2022/10/15/weekend-sky-75-oct-15th/

14 thoughts on “Weekend Sky #75

      1. slmret

        It’s been about 20 degrees cooler this week, with gray morning skies, some T-storms with little rain squalls embedded, and rain in the mountains. So much nicer than the previous 6-8 weeks! They say at least some of it was due to storms off Baja (I know you’re farther south than that., but it’s about the same direction).



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