Pretentious Prattle

Pretentious Prattle

Her highfalutin language is torture to absorb.
She calls asbestos “earthflax,” a snow globe a “blizzard orb.”
Her words are too elaborate and to be blunt, untenable.
We find her conversation to be way less than amenable.

In any conversation, she is early to be heard,

but it is the consensus that her comments are absurd.
We wait for her to finish, then calmly leave the table,
reconvening in the garden, without her, if we’re able.

Prompt words are finish, untenable, early, elaborate, earthflax and snow globe. Image by Mona Masoumi on Unsplash.


15 thoughts on “Pretentious Prattle

  1. Anonymous

    Oh I have sat in meetings with her~! I have also read several post from similar others, which I do ignore answering or block from my to read list, (that part is easy, almost)

    I was recommended to sit on a important board here concerning our area. On the first meeting SHE loudly took over, and I just got up and left. She is now running the show, too many gullible people who do not think for their selves,, Please give us a poem about the gullibility of those that believe the very people that you described and how to make them see the light /
    Too early Angry Sam.


  2. TamrahJo

    Ahh – the spoken word – any language – that has grown and is full of nuances – this word or that – increasingly longer, more difficult to spell, pronounce and/or some new word/spelling/definition to take hostage and make it mean what one wishes it to me –

    Long words – strung together – to form sentences, paragraphs, briefs, white papers on that in the end?

    Say nothing – not really –

    And then the learning of a new word – how to spell how to pronounce and YES! The word we think will convey, just now, exactly what we wish to convey –

    And yet – choose carefully – my fave? That is pretentious and sounds ‘educated’ but makes me and others laugh, all the same?

    Discombobulated …


    Super-calla-fragilistic-espy-alla-docious – the sound of it is quite atrocious – if you say it long enough you’re sure to sound precocious …. Sing Along time! 😀


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Discombobulated is just a pleasure to say. One of my favorite words is penultimate…and two of my friends gave the same answer to that question. What are the chances? And none of us know why.

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      1. TamrahJo

        LOL! I waited and waited and WAITED to find a way to drop ‘reconnoiter’ in daily conversation with my family – Finally! Got to do so during the family trip we took our parents on to Vegas (my mom had never been – ever – and by then, Dad felt so much better at lower elevations! ) My brother stopped in front of the hotel so I could race to check in (the long drive had us arriving later than planned) and I said, “Okay – you and morgan get the bags and help mom and dad – and I check in, reconnoiter and meet ya in the front lobby – ” – His response? “NICE word USE!”

        LOL We grew up doing the ‘increase your word power’ tests in the Reader’s Digest each month – spelling, definition, pronounciation and Dad encouraged us to take the test – then challenge us to find an appropriate time to drop the ‘new words we had learned’ into dinner time talk until the NEXT issue arrived –

        But ahh…to this day – there are times the PERFECT word for what I want to convey is anonymity – I still, no matter how hard I practice, try, etc., I manage to mis-pronounce, stumble through or completely butcher it – All well – if can’t say it – no sense trying to sound pretentious – and failing – LOL


      2. TamrahJo

        Once in awhile, if I’m sitting in a meeting full of turf/ego wars and grandstanding (instead of, um, can we just focus on the work/goals to be met and the how to to get from where we are to where we wish to be?) I desperately look for opening – that might be appropriate and not confrontational to say,

        “I cannot match your expertise in this area; I realize I am sometimes pedantic about the rules of procedure for our important work to be done – but if we were to just focus on ‘how to get ‘er done’ what would that round-table look/sound like? If it wouldn’t be breaking to many rules to explore the topic…..” 😀

        Your Penultimate share reminded me of a rarely used, but often effective “P” word I can pronounce AND sometimes feel the need to truck out here and there – 😀 Just cause – ….um…..It keeps me entertained enough I don’t lose my temper in a room full of ego-driven agendas – 😀



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