No matter how we grovel, time marches staunchly on.
You do not need to call it, for it will come anon.
Moment after moment, we can’t avoid its flight.
It segues from each morning to afternoon and night.

We can’t exceed its time limits, for it determines when
we pass from pretty newcomer to become a has-been.
It is the plan of nature. We can’t escape the way
that time chooses to change us day to day to day.

Prompts today are flight, grovel, pretty, exceed, moment and segue. This post, I realize, seems a bit self-centered, but I couldn’t find photos of anyone else that showed this many stages. I had more photos that included people from different stages, but unfortunately I forgot to save it so after an hour of work, lost it. These are hurried photos briefly illustrating the mutability of life.

34 thoughts on “Mutable

          1. Mama Cormier

            I’ve had a crazy 10 days where I wasn’t able to check my emails. I spent four days going back and forth to the hospital where my husband and was recovering from pneumonia. Then I had to run errands picking up meds, going to the dentist, a morning at the hairdresser and then after all that I tested positive for COVID and had to cancel my flight to New Brunswick. Today was the first day that I felt well enough to go through some of my emails.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Judy, three times I changed the line to ” that time chooses to change us day to day to day.” Two of those times, WP changed it back to “that time chooses to change us day to day today.” Wonder if they were trying to tell me something? Finally got it changed to my intended line…


  1. Anonymous

    Love the photos and the poetic dispatch. And yes it is a way to better know a person from whence they came and where they are today. I had a similar one on my birthday last year, did you click on it~?


  2. lifelessons Post author

    Sam, I loved yours and commented on it. I said you should issue a challenge… and that is why I did mine. I had many more photos, then lost them. Spent a good 1/2 hour trying to get them all back and gave up. I don’t have a lot of time while my family is here and getting ready for Day of the Dead…a big deal here.


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