Quartets of Memory

Quartets of Memory

To what extent
do you lament
losing the blush
of teenage crush?

Tease and chuckle,
tight-gripped knuckle,
that challenge of
teenage love—

to cultivate
a future mate—
dawdling where
a certain stare

might meet with yours.
These sweet amors
left in the past,
nonetheless last.

Some afternoons
listening to tunes
of a past kind,
they come to mind.


Prompt words today are knuckle, challenge, lament, cultivate, dawdle. Image by Eric Krull on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Quartets of Memory

  1. TamrahJo

    I gave up lamenting long ago – seemed easier on my mind and heart if I just listened to the song, gave thanks for remembered times, lessons learned, appreciate the music and then…..get back to the business of Life, today – thus, I do believe, my youthful heart, has, really, finally broken fully/might be forever dead, etc. I’m still trying to decide if this is wisdom or if I’m broken forever – 😀



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