Epitaph on a Hilly Gravesite

Epitaph on a Hilly Gravesite

Claim custody of the mourning that has led you to this place
and cease your arduous journey so that you may face
that foggy veil of sadness and the fiery coals that burn
deep in that place within you as you sink into the fern.

The sentence of your heartbreak becomes a paragraph—
that surety you’ll never love again, or smile, or laugh.
But nature is a circle that spins us on its wheel,
balancing the joy and pain of what we feel.

What we have been given will be taken in the end,
for all of nature’s riches are only here to lend.
Give thanks for what you’re given and accept what must be rendered,
for every happiness is preordained to be surrendered.

Prompt words today are fern, paragraph, mourning, arduous, fog and custody.

6 thoughts on “Epitaph on a Hilly Gravesite

    1. lifelessons Post author

      That is perhaps not a good thing for either of us. I woke up after an afternoon nap thinking I had a whole houseful of company to take care of and feed and felt lousy because I got the meds for the dogs today but they were acting up so didn’t have time to get my own. Then couldn’t get on WP because it suddenly wanted me to sign in and didn’t recognize my password. Said they’d call to set a new one but I couldn’t find my phone!!! Kept having Alexa call it but it wasn’t anywhere in the house or car. Finally had her call another time and when I was in the garage, could hear it ringing far away but not in house. Finally found it in the outside closet where I store the catfood. Not my day…



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