A Very English Scene

I had to dig way back for these photos taken during a driving tour of Great Britain that I took my mother on in 1984 or 85. These shots were taken on the way to Beatrix Potter’s house. Idyllic countryside.

For the Squares Challenge, A Very English Scene.

9 thoughts on “A Very English Scene

  1. Sam

    Love it~! how can so many people live so long in such a peaceful place and not destroy it, as I am seeing right here in my own back yard~! My downside was driving on the wrong side of the road and figuring out how to get out of those damn traffic circles, going counter clockwise, and trying to get out at the proper place without being run over, many times it two or three tries before I was able to make my turn.

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  3. Marsha

    I didn’t expect a story about the English countryside to be from my friend Judy, but why not? You are a well-traveled woman with many interests. It is beautiful countryside. Mom and I went to England in 1992, so we didn’t miss you by much!



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