Spoils of Battle

Spoils of Battle

Ancient relics in the sand—
a rosary, a chaplet and
a rusty cross, figure obscured,
a Bible with its message blurred.
Who remembers the intent
of liturgy or prayer or Lent?
What human adds the voice to this
howl of wind and water’s hiss?
This mix of emblems on the strand,
meanings erased by weather’s hand,
relics of a bygone day
when Spanish galleons held their sway.
Conquistadors long turned to dust,
their favorite weapons gone to rust.

Prompt words today are ad, favorite, erase, intent, mix, chaplet.

chaplet a wreath to be worn on the head. : a string of beads. : a part of a rosary comprising five decades. a small molding carved with small decorative forms.
the prayers said with such beads 

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