Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Leaning on the table, you taste your glass of wine,
enact acts of seduction that in truth should have been mine.
Your fingers on my elbow tap a light tattoo.
High on wine and romance, I lean over to kiss you,
but this invigorating juncture ends before we’re able
as the bell sounds and each of us is off to a new table.

Prompt words are leaning, wine, invigorating, enact, tattoo, high. Image by Jiawei Zhao on Unsplash.

11 thoughts on “Speed Dating

  1. serendippitysays

    My girls’ teachers have used the speed dating format for class assignments, most recently to have students share information about various government agencies. My daughter said it was okay if the person was still talking when the bell rang to switch sides or partners, but it was awkward if the person’s spiel stopped short of the 1-minute time allotment. I don’t think I would enjoy speed dating!



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