Mosquito Bump Blues

Mosquito Bump Blues

This strain of mosquito is so sanctimonious
because it claims its droning is indeed harmonious.
According to their drone master, they drone in harmony
depending on their sting site: ear or arm or knee!

They’re trying to get a copyright on harmonies they’ve written
according to locations simultaneously bitten,
but alas they don’t write music so they cannot win the rights
to music just recorded by the pattern of their bites!

Prompt words today are mosquito, strain, sanctimonious, according, copyright.  Image by Jimmy Chan on Pexel.

7 thoughts on “Mosquito Bump Blues

      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        We had scorpions in Israel — the big black ones, the medium-sized brown ones, and the lethal yellow ones. They TERRIFIED me. Owen, on the other hand, used to go out with the other kids wearing heavy boots and stomp on them in the desert. I’m glad he didn’t tell me at the time and waited for another 40 years.

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