By and By

By and By

Lately, when she couldn’t sleep, she debated whether
she should forsake winter for a more salubrious weather.
Hidden under blankets with a heater at her feet,
she dreamed of balmy breezes and the sunlight’s heat.

In less than a day, she could drive down to the border
and find a small posada where she could sit and order
margaritas by the pitcherful beside a sunlit sea—
a novel fallen from her hand, a chihuahua on her knee.

Tacos or enchiladas? In her hometown, she’d be loath
to order either one of them, but here she’d order both,
all her peccadillos unviewed by censoring eye.
She pledged an oath to do it in the by and by.

Prompt words today are border, both, salubrious, peccadillo, winter and hidden.

“. . . In the sweet by and byWe shall meet on that beautiful shoreIn the sweet by and byWe shall meet on that beautiful shore . . .”

—lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph  P. Webster

3 thoughts on “By and By

  1. TamrahJo

    Nice! and I love that song – one of the songs from my earliest childhood…. right along side “On the Wings of a Dove” – 😀 Thanks for the memories trigger of family singing around the kitchen table or the campfire, with the ‘music’ of guitars, banjos, pianos or not –

    Liked by 1 person


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