Looking Back. Do You Remember?

Do you Remember…..




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For the Lens Aritst Challenge, Looking Back

20 thoughts on “Looking Back. Do You Remember?

    1. lifelessons Post author

      DID YOU? I REMEMBER riding with my folks 150 miles away to Rapid City to buy it for my sister… and then I inherited it in short order. I loved it. There is one just like it in the Pioneer Auto Museum in my home town of Murdo S.D. and I’ve always wondered if it is ours. Our house blew away in a tornado after we all left. We were renting it out but had a bunch of things in the basement and we were told people in town came and rifled through all the stuff before they filled in the basement. No problem as it all just would have been buried. My mom’s friend went and got all the papers out and a friend went and got all my childhood books. She said her kids grew up reading them. We were all living so far away that none of the family went back.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          I was 4 years younger than my sister so can’t imagine that I would have been old enough to remember their buying it for her, but I so clearly remember it. Strange. They wouldn’t have bought it for her if she was older than 7, I would think, and I am 2 or 3 in this photo, So I couldn’t have been older than that when they bought it..Ah, the mysteries of memory.

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          1. Marilyn Armstrong

            He was 60 and I was 56. He had all the pictures, but pancreatic cancer got him before we got around to dividing them. I miss him a lot. He was a really good person and we enjoyed our time together. It ended too soon.



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