He’s an agent of enchantment, the guru of his flock—
a professor who can mesmerize with ordinary talk.
A master of expression, his descriptions weave their spells
that hold students in their thrall through the stories that he tells.

They copy down in notebooks each word that he has shared,
humbled by the wisdom  of the heart that he has bared.
They will never know that their stunning visionary
is inspired by Wikipedia as well as Wiktionary.

Prompt words today are copy, description, enchantment, flock, professor and express.

5 thoughts on “Mentor

  1. Sam


    As a person he may be forgotten,
    actually he is seems very quiet man.
    But then online he becomes an expert
    because he wants all students to be a fan.

    He offers to you advice;
    an expert to all that can read.
    But his secrete is in that device
    a hidden one that he calls in need.

    So expert answers or advice
    when he has the time to go to it.
    benevolent statements just like Christ
    when his advice just flows out like spit.

    But truth of the matter is
    his laptop gives us the hint
    his fast fingers clicking on this
    it Is a computer that’s omnipotent~!


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