“TO DO BLUES” Feb 10, 2023


I got home from being gone all day (first at the dentist for a dental implant and then ferrying houseguests around) to find this message from Forgottenman: You must be up to yer ears in company, so here’s something to save a bit of time – prompts with links for today.

Here is my message back to him: You are such a sweetie. Finally got home at 7:33 tonight and this is such a nice gift not to have to look up and link prompts. I owe you six.

Prompts for today are Uncertain,  Pessimist, Entrance, Huddle, Paraphernalia and Risk. Image by Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash.

“To Do” Blues

With too many deadlines, appointments and tasks,
I’m uncertain that I can do all that life asks.
I admit I’m a pessimist when it comes to
whether I’ll do all I’m scheduled to do.
There’s paraphernalia that needs to be sorted,
obligations to fill and guests to be courted.

Huddled in bed with Coco and Morrie,
I try to come up with my usual story.
They huddle around me and lick at the keys,
taking the risk that they will displease.
Then Zoe makes an entrance and plops on my lap,
curls in a circle and commences to nap.

The other two spread out as close as they can,
thereby complicating my original plan
to complete all my blogs and then finish my Wordle,
Word Huddle and Blossom and finally my Quordle.
This may happen still for this poem is finished
and thus my “To Do” list is now diminished.

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