What Next?

What Next?

When mankind makes its toodle-oo,
thus closing down this human zoo,
I’m sure that there will be a sequel
that is more than mankind’s equal,
for in evolution’s quest,
nature goes from least to best.
Each form of life has not receded
from what form of life preceded.
When some great calculator reacts
to what’s been lost through human acts,
what difference will it make for gain
that will surpass the human brain?
And . . .
will music, poetry and art
vanish in that great restart?




The prompt words for today are quest, equal, toodle-oo, react,precede and calculator.

18 thoughts on “What Next?

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Except, if mankind were obliterated, I have read that without them to maintain them, the nuclear cones would start to melt and one by one, they woould explode, wiping out all life on Earth. We’ve done the planet in in terms of its natural order.


          1. Marilyn Armstrong

            Well, earth survived being hit by one — now they think possibly two — giant meteors and it almost wiped out every form of life. But from little thing, grew the world we have now. There was an almost thousand year break, but earth has its own agenda. We might now survive, but until our sun becomes a supernova, Earth will endure and somehow, there will be life. It might not be life we recognize in any way, but there will be life. I’m not sure how comforting I find that.

            Aren’t you glad you’re not young and trying to make sense of the world? It’s hard enough after surviving so many years, but I can’t imagine being 16 and looking at this and thinking “What IS this mess and how come I’m here?”



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