Love Objects

Love Objects

While brides and grooms may view their love as something indivisible,

others find committed love as something they find risible.

With no direct object, love’s intransitive to some.
Instead of one love interest, they relish what may come.

Holy men may meditate on all that love can be,
while lesser men make light of it and take it on their knee

with a chortle and a crass approach that says they’ll have a look,
but don’t intend to be the one strung up on a hook,

captured and rebranded as a certain lady’s mister,
as he has equal feelings for her best friend and her sister.

Such men prefer to spread their light of love throughout the earth.
For them their love is dappled, a thing of fun and mirth.

Gurus, priests and bon vivants can’t settle on just one.
They’ll spread their love throughout their world before the day is done.

Prompt words are intransitive, meditate, risible (provoking laughter), chortle, look and dappled. Images of wedding scene, guru and partiers are from Unsplash.

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