Rivers, Lakes and Oceans: Water Water Everywhere, #167

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For Water Water Everywhere #167

14 thoughts on “Rivers, Lakes and Oceans: Water Water Everywhere, #167

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Oh Judy, it is so sad~! Branches and fallen trees everywhere. I am so upset that I just have not even gone to look at other levels yet. Just getting from my house to the parking area and then from there to the road took a lot of sawing and pulling trees out of the way.. I have been spending a lot of time inside so I don’t have to look at it~!

        BUT, isn’t God and Nature wonderful, through all those branches leave, twigs and acorns are beautiful spring flowers popping up and telling me that it will come back~! Maybe look different but opening places for more sun loving plants to grow, and I tell myself, smile, it will only take a while~!

        My Mountain Laurel is now blooming but this crazy spring has the profusion of leaves sprouting too soon and hiding the flowers, However when you pass the tree you can smell the “grape juice” aroma they send out, it is almost intoxicating. These are not the same as the laurel in California, I tried to exchange seeds with those there and it did not work. Most of the ones I have here, I started from seed, and some are very large now. There is a trick to making the seed germinate. The same as other plants from dry areas like Bluebonnets.

        I am a bit jealous of you and your area and would go crazy there trying to see what would grow. At times it turns out to be disappointing here.


          1. Anonymous

            Easier said than done~! What few people are available are asking several times their worth and they are not the type that I would want on my place, because this storm happened to so many here in this part of Texas.

            A part of our community where others from third world countries lived, and our help for such labor use to live, has now become wine and beer parlors beauty parlors, and other low rent places, or else bull dozed, and the people that used to live there are long gone~!

            The average “North American” just no longer does such day labor~! They can earn more on unemployment. Trump really upset that connection that they had to support their families back home, and our need for such labor, a lot are now camping on the river or gone “home” where they are more respected. Sad but true~!

            My living is Switzerland showed me that the Italians from north part of Italy would come in for such labor and actually go home on weekends by train. No Border problems because they were considered necessary workers and were very welcome. I am sure you may live under the same conditions there. The situation really worked out great for all concerned an with kind consideration for all workers.

            Though it was not a good system up through the 50’s the farming states had workers coming in to work in agriculture and return home after the harvest. They had work permits and the only requirement was that they must send money home on a schedule. The down side of that arrangement was the Mexican “Coyotes” who took advantage of them and this was a cruel thing. But better laws would help balance our economies and solve our unbalance between technical and labor forces.

            I am not over doing anything, just clearing passages and will then take care of hiring someone later when things get closer to normal, to get rid of them.. I do not talk about such things because talking does not get it done. I do try to enjoy the good part that spring always brings and remember the good times that this place has given me.

            For a long time I had two men who lived on an adjoining ranch and the ranch foreman would let them do day labor for me when their labor was not needed there, that took care of the workers, giving them extra pay, and also the ranch which housed and fed them. But that arrangement too is long over.



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