Euphorbia Flanaganii : FOTD Mar 12, 2023

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Thanks to my friend Linda Levy for identifying this flowering succulent as a euphorbia flanaganii. Also want to thank her in advance for reminding me of its name when I forget it in the future!!!


For Cee’s FOTD

7 thoughts on “Euphorbia Flanaganii : FOTD Mar 12, 2023

  1. Sam

    You really stumped me on this one.. I don’t even know if it would be classified as a cactus, a succulent or both, I do not remember ever seeing one like this. There are so many types of “hanging cactus” and what may bloom down there may not here. I will be interested if anyone can identify it.


      1. Sam

        Well I looked at the Euphorbia Flanaganii and was unable to prove that it is correct for two reasons; first the photo that you have is more “dry with sharp spines instead of green and I could not find even one in bloom, in any color. Not saying that she is wrong, I am just saying that I could not prove for sure that this is it. Maybe you could go back to that beautiful garden where you filch cuttings, and probably took the photo, and ask them what it is~! Ha ha~!



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