Mystery Flower: FOTD Mar 24, 2023


These flowers look like they’d be very showy, but they are actually easily overlooked. The first photo is a closeup. Later photos show how tiny they really are.




For Cee’s FOTD

8 thoughts on “Mystery Flower: FOTD Mar 24, 2023

  1. Sam

    Beautiful but you stumped me again. From the long stems popping up, I guess that they are a bulb of some type. I have many such types of tiny lilies which pop up on my place, usually after a wet time, and which I just end up calling Rain Lilies, but none are as full and as beautiful as these..

    I keep telling myself that it would be interesting to take my camera and crawl around photographing these tiny flowers, that while give off a beautiful aroma, we so often may ignore while stomping on them. It would be interesting doing this, as most may be difficult to identify due to our ignorance of the (diminutive), sad isn’t it~!~??


  2. Sam

    Yes, I considered that too, because of the shape of the flower, among several others, but in each case there was something that did not seem the same. The tiny rain flowers came the closest. If you can dig closer to the base and find either rhizomes or bulbs it may help in identification. Because rain flowers are “popups” they have life underground.

    Oh my Texas Buckeye is blooming it’s heart out and it is a beautiful tree in full bloom. (I will try to get photos) Because they are an under-story tree, usually the flowers are not as full, but with all of the broken branches from the live oaks above them, they now get a lot of sunshine and are blooming profusely, the wild plum is doing the same thing. Do you see the Texas Mountain Laurel in my profile photo insert, it so looks like a bluebonnet in a tree but the aroma is even better. With this photo you can compare it to the mountain laurel that grows in California.



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