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Like a Flower: Flower of the Day, Nov 17 2016


Back when I lived in a place where flowers didn’t bloom year round, I always felt that my succulents were a flower of sorts.  This jade plant blooms like a flower rising above the falling foliage of its pot companion.


Succulents in Full Bloom: Flower of the Day, Jan 10 2016

Succulents in Full Bloom

IMG_0996Version 3

You saw these earlier before the buds burst open.  Beautiful then, beautiful now.


Flower of the Day, Jan. 9, 2016

IMG_0994 (1)
Time was when I would have cropped this picture, but given permission by Cee’s “rule of 2/3,” I have left the wall above––mainly because I’m intrigued by the quality of light and shadow there. I love the contrast to the very busy  crown of thorns and succulent in the foreground.  I always know what I like but don’t always know why.  Thanks, Cee, for giving a name to this one!!


Succulent Potential: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, Jan. 5, 2016

Succulent Potential


The beginnings of flowers are often even more spectacular than the finished product.  I love this starburst effect on one of my most prolific succulent plants.

For more flowers, check out Cee’s site: http://ceenphotography.com/2016/01/05/flower-of-the-day-january-5-2016-teddy-sunflower/