Retire in Mexico?

Retire in Mexico?

I never thought retirement
would ever be the way I went,
so imagine my embarrassment
when I found my instincts leant
 toward letting my employment go
and heading down to Mexico!

When I checked out the internet
to see what info I could get,
it led me to a rendezvous
that told me what I had to do.
It’s been no struggle, you can see,
Retirement was made for me!!!

Prompt words are cusp, rendezvous, retirement, struggle, embarrassment and internet.

10 thoughts on “Retire in Mexico?

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yeah, I’m actually busier than I was when working but I’m afraid it is because everything is so much more complicated re/ the internet and it takes me longer to do things. Right now going crazy trying to deal with taxes, social security , banks, etc… all from Mexico!!!

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