Nipped Bud! For Prompts and NaPoWriMo, Apr 13, 2023


A Flowery Metaphoric Rejection on a Bad Cold Day

When it comes to heroes, I prefer mine picaresque–
not one that clouds his meanings in terms more picturesque.

“We could make some upbeat music?” Your intent I can’t detect,
so I must entreat you, try to use words more direct.

All my friends have warned me you’re desirous of my hand,
but you seem to seek my membership in some sort of band.

I, too, can speak in metaphors, admiddedly not choral,
for instead of musical, my imagery is floral.

I cannot speak concisely for I have ad awful code.
But as to our conjoining,? Gotta snip it in the node!


(Disclaimer: I had written this all in lingo that sounded like a bad cold, but it seemed indecipherable, so I reverted to just using it in the last two lines.)

Prompts today are upbeat, picturesque, direct, entreat, node and membership.
Also, For NaPoWriMo 13

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