Global Warning

Global Warning

A yeasted dough that cannot rise higher than its leaven,
the splendid sun climbs up the sky but never reaches heaven.
Blissful nature mystery enough without religions.

Who needs holy doves when they’ve been given carrier pigeons?

Why name the mighty miracle that holds us in its clasp?
By giving it a human form, we thus reduce its grasp.
Nature is not our mother nor the universe our father.
Our presence is precarious and far below their bother.

Tough reality is what we live in day-to-day.
Born under the brutal sun and nourished by its ray,
nonetheless it does not hear us when we pray, simply because
nature only can respond to what mankind does.

Prompts today are splendid, blissful, mighty, precarious, tough and heaven.

12 thoughts on “Global Warning

  1. Sam

    Oh WOW, that says so much and so well. Can I plagiarizer and then post it somewhere to claim it~? Any conservation site would publish this with a smile.


      1. Sam

        I do, I do, but most of the time I am the only one who gets to read my own~! Like the one I wrote last night which is already zapped. But that one on Globel Warming, warning that you wrote was a real winner and a keeper for me~!

        Those I put in a special file and go back to read them at times. I like to re-read mine too and find them interesting if I have one that I forgot writing, but hurt my arm by patting myself on the back.

        I was sitting here still trying to figure out why only YOUR site considers me “someone” I note the the gravatar photo changes and sometime it is a flower that I post, other times it is Tami, so it is passing through different ways.

        If in doubt, clicking on that photo will give you more information that I would really want to pass on to most people.

        I usually access your blog directly off my email account by clicking on it there, but I do the same with all others with no problem. I had a blog many years ago and it may be stuck in a computer somewhere. I change that flower photo about once a week just to confuse people~! but never change the one of Tami.

        Did you know that I try to keep my “friends list” under 80 people~? Of that almost half are close friends and family. So I do spread my self very thin~! I don’t need accolades as much as I sometimes just need someone of like interest to talk to, so do this excessively. I sometime will drop one who has an “auto response”, in favor to one that corresponds, to keep it low, I am a real stinker that way.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          If Forgottenmaan sees your anonymous or “someone” comments, he always changes it to your name. I don’t know why you sometimes come in under your name and and other times as anonymous… Nothing to my knowledge that I’ve done to anonymousize thee!


          1. Sam

            That’s OK I have been called worse~! It is just the fact that I can’t figure it out myself. Funny, you can change it by clicking on the photo. I am still working on my post of “EDIFICATION” but was sidetracked by income tax. The new tax program that was supposed to make it easier made it worse for a person like me who wants to see the numbers. So now my project it to get my deep well pump going that has not worked sense that deep freeze. The well is down near the creek level and until today i refused to go down there, not wanting to see the damage done.. But all of my yard water comes from that well so I now need it to water the plants in the yard. It is still snowing in the far north~!



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