Next Step

Next Step

Life is a conundrum often unresolved.
Every day another sin to be absolved.
from transgression to transgression, mankind’s been known to scuttle,
searching for excuses to use in their rebuttal
of charges that we’ve ruined nature’s sweet confections,
destroying with what we have wrongly seen as our corrections.
With a flippant attitude, missing the wider view
of how we affect everything with each thing that we do.
Thus, impartial in her actions, nature then corrects,
working out solutions to ills that she detects.
How she must be wondering if mistakes in our past
might lead to the solution that mankind cannot last.
And so she’s started over by altering our genes,
thus aiding all mankind to evolve into machines!


Prompt words for the day are flippant, rebuttal, conundrum, impartial, correction .

10 thoughts on “Next Step

            1. lifelessons Post author

              Are you saying Artificial Intelligence? I thought you were talking about someone named AL…Whoever made a capital “i” look like a small “L” messed up,huh? And, how “out of it” am I? I live on Illie Nastase Street and I’ve taken to spelling it illie Nastase so people can tell it doesn’t start with three l’s.

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