Long-legged Birds for NPC #9

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From Lake Chapala to La Manzanilla to Alabama to Wyoming to the rainforests of Peru, I never met a bird I didn’t have to photograph.  Here are a few of the long-legged ones, as directed by the prompt!  Yes, I got carried away a bit.

For Nature Photo Challenge #9–Long-legged Birds

20 thoughts on “Long-legged Birds for NPC #9

          1. bushboy

            Sorry to be back late. It is just post a photo portrait of anything you want. No links, no host. It was one that Becky started early last year and since then a lot of us have kept it going because it’s fun 🙂


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh, you didn’t think it was real? ;o) When I was at the beach, I just made sculptures with items I could find on the beach and many of them turned into birds, as this one did. My photo app when it was selecting bird photos chose to include it! Ha. I found it when searching for photos for this prompt and had to sneak it in.

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