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Eyes of the Ocean

My wifi connection here at the beach is so slow that it has taken me ten minutes just to download/upload this photo, so others will have to wait. This is the eye of a needlefish seen on the beach yesterday.  It was three or four feet long…Okay, finally, 20 minutes later, I was able to load the “eyeless” portion of the post.

For Nature Photo Challenge: Eyes

Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns


I got a bit carried away, initially intending to only post photos of caterpillars with interesting patterns, but then a few butterflies flew in followed by beetles and bees and wasps and pretty soon I had a crowd.  I’ve been fascinated by the incredible number of insects there are in Mexico. I believe all of these beautiful creatures were photographed in my own yard except for the fifth one of the huge hopper on the hand which was photographed in the rainforest in Peru. So, here they are, Denzil!!! Thanks for the prompt


For Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns