These lines upon my face are ripple marks that represent
all of my life’s ebb and flow, those tides that life has sent.
Calligraphy defining those advantages provided
along with life’s misfortunes that somehow I abided.

Life gives and takes away, sometimes in equal measure—
pain spicing our life as surely as the pleasure—
smile lines as well as creases left by frowns.
Surely, there’s no shortage of life’s ups and downs.

It is the hand of nature sculpting animal and flower,
altering and remolding hour after hour.
From dinosaur to newborn babe—fish and bird and tree,
there is no end to our world’s originality.

Time is the finest sculptor of everything we see.
It is the very master of creativity.
Animal, vegetable, mineral—no two things quite the same.
Constant alteration is evolution’s game.


Prompt words today are ripple marks, represent, spice, definition, shortage and advantage.

13 thoughts on “Sculpted

  1. lifelessons Post author

    I had a much better photo to illustrate it but didn’t think it was fair to use a photo of anyone except myself..If we are going to have self-revelation, gotta go the whole way. That said, I hate this photo of myself, not because of the wrinkles but because I look so straight-laced in it..



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