Pieces of Toast

Pieces of Toast

They dip into
the smooth
round yolk
of a fading dream.

They interfere,
these conscious words,
an uninvited jentacular
mob that enters

without invitation,
shedding their crumbs.
I make exception
and surrender

their sharp crisp corners
into the broken centers
of my smooth round

For NaPoWriMo 2029, Day 29 the prompt is to write about food personified. Piece of toast!!!
And, coincidentally, for RDP, whose prompt today is food!
Photo downloaded from Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Pieces of Toast

  1. Martha Kennedy

    whoa… Beautiful and as for the egg, toast, and yolk. I would sure love my grandma to show up with some fresh eggs and her iron skillet and cook some for me. “Hi Martha Ann. What’s this? Where are the burners? Where does the wood go?” I don’t think she’d ask about the wood, but it makes a good story.



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