Trees Trees Trees


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When I moved into my house 22 years ago, I could touch the top of these palm trees. They’ve grown, I’ve shrunk.


For the Nature Photo Challenge: Trees

15 thoughts on “Trees Trees Trees

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve shrunk almost five inches. The maple I planted was just a trick in a bucket when we brought it home and now it’s a TREE, the first to leaf and the last to lose its scarlet leaves. I find the growing trees comforting. I’m not growing, but something still is.


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        All my pants are too long, even the petite ones! I’ve been gradually replacing the really long ones with the ones that are only supposed to come to the middle of your shins, but they come to my ankles. I am REALLY short — barely 5 feet and almost an inch more. Almost.


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